Thursday, August 10, 2006

Boulder Bank – Morning

I caught this interesting cloud formation this morning. You can find another shot here.
The boulder bank at the Haulashore Island end had to be dynamited a few decades ago, to create The Cut for safer passage. From time to time dolphins and orcas are said to come and have a swim in the fast current, but we've never been lucky enough to see them ourselves. The lighthouse, the subject of our very first post, is the splinter roughly in the middle of the boulder bank.


  1. Nice mirror. Is there no ship near your coast ?

  2. The small port of Nelson (to the right) is reasonably busy for its size, mostly with fishing boats and pine/log export, but it is a small port, Matthieu, so not too many.

  3. The pattern on the water surface is made by a speed difference of tide and depth of water. I wish it was a mirror image of cloud, looks like it, but its not unfortunately.

    Thanks for comment Matthieu, I will try to catch a ship coming (or going) next time.

  4. Thank you for your comments.

    Dreamy? Yes, I guess it does. We are spoiled for beatiful scenary sometimes we don't notice it. The area between the boulder bank and the land (would that be an estuary?) is call The Haven with lots of sea birds and marine life.
    We are so lucky to be in Nelson?

  5. Very nice photo. I really like the formation of the clouds. Well done!

  6. Thank you Persa.

    I think I had a lucky morning on that day.
    It was waiting for me to take this shot.


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