Saturday, August 05, 2006

Get Ready for Christmas

Here at the bottom of the earth, procurement of Christmas presents starts early. Page & Blackmore is, to my knowledge, our last independently-owned bookstore.


  1. Hi Meg and Ben
    a big welcome- I am so pleased that there is another NZ daily photo blog. I like your photos and love Nelson.

  2. Serendipity, Louise. I was just this moment emailing you. Thanks very much for the comment.

  3. I clicked on the link entitled "Christmas presents". Well, how surprising !

    Do you think that those underwears can be put in a microwave oven to store heat ?

  4. Ummm, I belive microwave instructions discourage putting family cats in. so possibly these go along the same lines? Do you want to be the first in the world to try it?


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