Monday, August 07, 2006

Great All Blacks

Not much of a soccer nation, New Zealand. In fact, they broadcast only the highlights of the earlier games on free-to-air. But we know what we like.

(To tell the truth, after every Soccer World Cup, Rugby looks a tedious at first, throwing the ball backwards, getting in circles conferring, ear biting and stomping. But we still love our Boys in Black.)

Update: Edwin S thinks it says "Great Abs". Honestly, at this time of the year, "AB" means only one thing over here, and I can't even entertain the idea it could be anything else. I wonder if I should stalk the car and ask the owner.


  1. The licence plate says Great Abs! Great self-confidence!

  2. Oh, Man, I didn't even think twice. This time of the year when we see AB, it's just automatically All Blacks.... I don't know if I'm embarassed or crushed, Edwin. (It still could be the ABs, though. ???)

  3. Hi Meg! I'm an All Blacks fan! My hubby loves them. Loved the cool warrior dance.

    The "AB" could be All Blacks and ABs - you can switch the 2 as the team got great ABS too! :)

  4. True, Jane, True. I just find it funny how I never doubted at all until Edwin brought up another possibility. I'm not a mad Rugby fan; I'm probably a below-average one. I don't follow the Super 14 (NZ, Oz, and South Africa have a total of 14 teams forming a league) until maybe the semi-finals, and not at all the new Air New Zealand Cup (the provincial league), but when those boys play Australia or South Africa, Ben and I get fired up from a couple of days before. All good fun. I don't understand some of the rules...


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