Saturday, August 26, 2006

Nelson Lakes - Lake Rotoiti

This was taken near Mt. Roberts Ski Field in Nelson Lakes National Park last summer. There are two lakes here; the other is called Rotoroa. In North Island, there is a Lake Rotoiti in Rotorua, and a Lake Rotoroa in Hamilton. More information at Wiki or NZine.


  1. We remember Lake Rotoito near Rotorua. We visited the hot springs there and my caught her first fish in the lake -- didn't manage to land it but ...

  2. Hi Gerald, I see you went for fishing on Lake Rotoiti.
    Did you catch big one?

  3. I only fished for photographs! My wife caught a huge fish and she wound it up to the boat but when the boatman went with the net it broke the line and got away.

  4. Aha, the really big one that got away, Gerald. I'm glad at least your wife experienced the 'catching' part.


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