Friday, August 04, 2006

Nelson Provincial Museum

The new museum, opened in 2005, sits on the corner of Trafalgar and Hardy Streets. I was walking up Hardy Street during lunch and was suddenly struck by the swirl reflecting the crisp early spring sun.


  1. Hello Ben, Hello Meg!

    Welcome to the DP family! Now Louise has some company in New Zealand!

    I love this picture Ben. The clean lines and the vanishing point. And my favourite colours too: red, white, black...

  2. Thank you, Edwin.

    I pass by this building almost everyday.
    I had never looked around town in this way, and after joining the DP family, things are shining differently.

  3. Also a warm welcome from Copenhagen - probably as far from New Zealand as you can get. I'm looking forward to seeing more from your side of the planet :-)
    I like the perspective in this photo!
    Regards from Kathrine

  4. Thank you, Kathrine. Nice to 'meet' you.

  5. wow - I like this pic - the angle is excellent - love the design - strange when I click on your name in the comment, I find your other blog - weaving site hmmm =P

  6. Kala, Ben's more spontaneous with his pics, whereas I have a plan and I go execute them. I'm hoping that will change now that we have joined DP. And weaving, yes, I'm part of a worlwide 'tribe' trying to keep this old craft alive (and progress) in a modern world. Aaaah, shucks, I just love weaving and textiles.


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