Saturday, August 12, 2006

New Coins

On 1 August, new, smaller 10-, 20- and 50-cent coins came into circulation. There have been funny scenes all over town where businesses and shoppers count out changes in unison to come up with the $3.50 for a coffee.

This change [;-)] makes the smallest denomination of New Zealand coins to 10 cents; if you buy something for $49.95, therefore, the price will be rounded up to $50 if paying with cash. Beware when paying with plastic as they must still charge you $49.95 only.

The downsizing was brought in to reflect the amount of petrol you can buy for the amount because New Zealand coins are some of the largest and the heaviest, but the more problematic $1 and $2 coins remain the same.

I wrote this on 1 August, but since neither of us carry cash, we still haven't seen them, and Louise beat us to it. So we'll show you a 1967 20 cent coin with a kiwi bird, a 1964 "one shilling" coin, and a 1964 "one florin" coin with a very old kiwi.


  1. We went from guilders to euros a couple of yrs back. Even up till today, i find myself calculating into the old prices.
    Beautiful beach pictures you have!

  2. Thanks for swinging by. Interesting post - and a good point re petrol. When we switched to litres it allowed the chancellor to gfrom increasing tax 3p a gallon to 3p a litre with few people noticing... You have some lovely pictures on here, thanks.

  3. Dutchie, I don't carry cash because it was/is so darned heavy, and when we had the 5 cent coins, they used to round it in ways I didn't understand. I appreciate in most retail shops credit cards (mostly Visa and Mastercard) can be used and there's very little, if any, credit-card-related crimes within New Zealand SO FAR; I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed this fact will remain so for a long time.

    Nerolix, petrol prices and governments everywhere... The current Labour government has been approving road expansions left and right, while declining to bail out the major rail services. As recently as around 5 years ago, one could traavel from Auckland to Wellington and ferry across to Picton and then on to Christchurch and Invercargill, and take side trips to Rotorua, Napier and Graymoutn (West Coast of the South Island). All that's going to be left by the end of the year seems Picton-to-Christchurch Coast Pacific and the Christchurch-to-Graymouth Trans Alpine. They bailed out the national airliner big time a few years back (OK, I support that); they gave big money to America's Cup yacht race, and refunded Cricket for international games they missed..... but I soooooo digress...


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