Saturday, August 19, 2006

No Pooch

On Tahunanui Beach, dogs are not allowed on the Rocks Road/Tahunanui Drive side, but are allowed beyond the Beach Cafe and towards the back of the Tahunanui Holiday Park (reputed to be the largest camp site in the Southern Hemisphere.) Here's a link to a satelite photo.

The concrete slabs you see on the left were installed last year to prevent further erosion of the beach and sand dunes. General consensus almost a year on is they are still ugly, but seem to work.


  1. Hey Meg, my tongue's tied in a knot from trying to say Tahunanui. Now THAT would make an interesting word verification. It's interesting to look at the orange sign, and the vanishing point in the distance. Darn it. I just got the word verification wrong (seriously).

  2. Maori sound system is kind of like Japanese and Italian - mostly consonant-vowel-c-v. Sooooo, Tahunanui is close to ta-who-nah-noo-ee, except the vowels are short and not disthongs. Now, canya tell what I studied at university - well, some of the time?

  3. hmm very nice photos - lots of interesting light effects.

  4. Thank you, Piika. Nice blog yourself. Nice combination of photographs and poems/lyrics!


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