Sunday, August 13, 2006

Sunset at The Cut

Sunset here is very romantic, and as you can guess it will be different every time you look.

Sorry, Matthieu, no ship again, but I still think this is worth a look. Here's another view.


  1. Do not bother about the ships. I do appreciate sunsets too. It is time to take your midnight bath !

  2. So peaceful, and the water is so calm.

  3. Thank you Matthieu and Cristina.

    The picture looks a little bit dark on main page with dark background.
    It shows much close atmosphere, if you enlarge it (click the picture to get larger version).
    I took this shot from a side walk of the bay. It was so peaceful apart from a few cars passing by.

  4. Thank you Lisi, I like your birthday shot and today's grand-father and grand-son.

  5. What a beautiful sunset! Amazing photo!

  6. Stunning. Makes me want to be there. Great shot.

    There's an easy teaser on my page today if you fancy a go...

  7. Thnak you Tanty and Neorelix.

    I like your writing as well as pictures.

  8. Or, if you can't beat us, join us, again, Liz.

  9. I join you! :-)

    If everything will go in the right way, in 2007 I could be in nz again for a year, joining an exchange students program...I should be in Auckland, but I will have time to be around the two islands so... :-)

  10. Well done, Liz. See you soon, then.

  11. A superb post sunset scene, I love it!

    I'm new to daily Photo and enjoy your landscapes the best. I wonder if you have time to check out my site and update your links?

    Curly's Photoshop

  12. Thank you Curly.
    re. link, I left comment on your blog.


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