Monday, August 21, 2006

Tree Backpack

I thought some kids put a green plastic bag up a tree as a joke, but looking around, I found every tree had one. All the trees on Trafalgar Street have fairly (Christmas) lights, so these bags must store the ... whatever they store to make the lights work. You can see the power line hanging from the bag.

Quite inadvertently, I caught a glimpse of THE stained glass at the museum. This was also the very first shot on my new camera.


  1. What? Is that the stained glass in the background there? Congrats on your first shot!

  2. A photo for those who don't want to believe, that at the other side of the world (if I dig a hole in the earth, I come out of the hole next to your country), it is winter and the trees do not have leaves !

  3. Or, you could say the christmas lights electricuted the trees?


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