Sunday, September 03, 2006

Blank Canvas?

Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology Textile Art building entrance. Inspiring... At least it has a new coat of paint. Students walk through the parking lot to enter. (This is actually part of the original Griffins biscuit/cookie factory.)

Today is Father's Day in New Zealand; not sure of its origin as opposed to the June version, but perhaps English? Anyway, fathers of the world, have a enjoyable day. No harm done if you celebrate it twice this year.

UPDATE: I heard back from the Polytech, and the news is bad. The wall will remain plain, as stipulated in the City Council's building consent. Where the parking lot is now used to be the lovely old Artist-in-Residence cottage and a planted area with a path leading to the H Block door; this building consent was issued to flatten the residence and to get rid of the small garden.


  1. Perhaps a mural like the one you posted yesterday is in order? Let's hope they do something at least!

  2. Yes, John, particularly before the graffiti brigade arrives!

  3. I quite like the quiet simplicity and the convergence of lines inviting you to and through the door. Like Alice come to think of it.

  4. I really like this photo, the colors, something about the textures make it intriguing. Of that wall is just waiting for a mural.

  5. Neo, I had you in mind when I took this one; I thought you migh like the simplicity. It's been something for me to ponder about because I think you live in such a charming, magical, beautiful place, and we can never get some of the stuff you have even if we stood on our heads.
    Louz, I was just looking at the map of Tucson, trying to look for where Casa Elizabeth Seton used to be - in 76, it was the lab for U of A Med School; in 63, it was a small convent and my kindy.

    So, people, to paint a mural or not to paint, that is the question. Earlier this evening I emailed the head of Facility Department of the Polytech and asked if there were any plans; this is part of the School of Visual Art after all, so surely they'll have oodles of volunteers wanting to leave their marks on their Alma Mater.

  6. Thank you, Piika. Come on over with your paint brush, I say!


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