Sunday, September 24, 2006

Closer look

You find this on the base of "Symonds Gas Lamp". The lamp is replica of original as mentioned there, but it still one of the Nelson's symbolic items.


  1. I really love the detail of this photo and your other photos. I hope to get there one day!

  2. Hi Meg:
    Thanx for publishing about the event in the University which I participated telling them about our community. I like the texture of your photo, it has a mistery touch.
    By the way, in the word Trujillo "ll" is pronounced like "y", and "j" is pronounced like the "h" of "hot".

    Greetings from PerĂº

  3. This shot works so well on the black background of your page. Nicely done.

  4. oh interesting details!

    nice photo! :D

  5. Thank you everyone.
    This shot was taken with my trusty Nikon F4 and 60mm Macro lenses.
    I like that equipments combination and often I have a better result. It may be because of lenses but I believe large heavy camera gives me more stability than small compact digital I use.

  6. Ben, Who are "the friends" at the top of the photo?

  7. Please xcuse my mind, it's filthy, but I'm just cracking up with the images this has put in my head...Erected by friends...Oh dear!!!

  8. Love the photo.
    Trying hard not to think of Edwins comment.

  9. Kate,
    I'm sorry I do not have concrete information about who were the friends that mentioned here.
    It could be some one in 1880 when the original was Gas Lamp was elected. We only have a information that Meg mentioned in the link on the post.

    Eddie, you need to read through to the bottom not only a top!

    Dutchie, Thank you for comment and other thing is all Eddie’s fault ;-).


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