Saturday, September 23, 2006


Farmers is the name of the biggest department store chain in New Zealand. When we first found this out, we thought it was a joke, akin to calling the two main island of a nation North Island and South Island. Well, we know better now. Again, on Trafalgar Street, halfway between the Information Centre and the Cathedral, with a separate home store on Hardy Street. (Farmers in Richmond Mall has two-stories and two escalators; when it opened a couple of years ago, we went to Richmond just have a ride. I can't believe I just blogged it; I used to catch a train from Basement Level 4!)

And in case you haven't read this, Irredento Urbanista goes nation-wide in Peru. (Someone tell me how to pronounce Trujillo!!)


  1. Hey Meg, I'm really sorry, but I'm here at last. It is all so incredibly ENGLISH, except the natural environment, and even some of that looks famkiliar! But the names, the fish & chips....

    Now, to help you wilth Trujillo. The hard part is the "j". In Spanish, it is quite a hrd sound, like clearing your shall we spell that? Errrm..HHH, maybe? Force it!
    So, Tru - as true
    HHHi - as HHHill
    llo - as leo
    Tru-hhh-ilio (emphasis on the syllable after 'hhh'. One more try:
    And good luck!

  2. Tru-hhh-ilio! Right, and I thought the R was going to be the hard part! Thanks, Mile. And true, NZ has places like Auckland, Oxford and Cambridge, and around here we have Nelson, Trafalgar St, Collingwood St (and town), Richmond... as well as lots of High Streets, Queen Streets, Princess Streets, and Princes Streets, and Victoria this-and-that (though I have to admit, I don't know too many Albert places) and Queen's Gardens. You'll be at home.


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