Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Charles from the UK requested photos of Richmond and Hope where his cousins live.

The city of Nelson is the largest town in Nelson Region; just to the west is Tasman Region, and its largest town is Richmond. However, Nelson and Richmond are 10km apart with suburbs in between, so it is hard to tell where one ends and the other begings. The two regions share similar characteristics, and saw an explosive growth in population and development in the last decade.

Hope is immediately to the west of Richmond, approximately bottom 1/3 of this photo. I think a large part of Hope used to be sheep and dairy farms sprinkled with fruit orchards, but now there are a few farms, lifestyle blocks (1, 5, 10 acre sections with farmlettes, big gardens, or horse paddocks,) as well as new, mainly agricultural businesses. There are quite a few good speciality plant nursaries in Hope for whose who are so inclined; these are family-owned-and-operated, light on marketing, heavy on quality and good prices.


  1. Another nice sky. In France, to every one, New Zealand means sheep and butter!

  2. The sky and the green landscape..amazing! with such healthily cultivated land, I have no doubt in the quality of its products :)

  3. Alice, we do have a lot of sheep, and make a lot of butter, but we also have some nice cheese and wine and olive oil, too!

    Kris, all things considered, we do have a healthy life here, don't we.

    Thank you for stopping by, ladies.

  4. You see the house with the roof? the one with the.. not the grey one, but the.. you see on the left by the..well... behind the paddock..well.. Oh never mind !

    PS I've been to Richmond, although I do get confused with the NZ Richmond and the Tasmanian Richmond.

  5. It's rare to see such sights in Singapore. So much land and space. A very beautiful picture!

  6. absolutely lovely! I know it's a place but this picture does look very hopeful. Simple, clear and calm.

  7. Thanks for stopping by, gents!

    John, is Tasie Richmond kind of like this one?

  8. I believe as I mix them up, that they are both old fashioned country towns.. I'm sure the tassie one is, think yours is ...?

  9. Old fasioned country town - yes, I think that'd be right - but ours is trying to pretend to take over Nelson possibly!


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