Thursday, September 28, 2006

Loading at Port Nelson

Logs, pine boards, seafood and apples are loaded in Nelson and exported. The comings and goings of the ships can be found in our newspaper, The Nelson Mail.


  1. I've enjoyed checking out your blog and visiting New Zealand - I was there once, back in 1992, and loved your beautiful country!

  2. Is all in the light as you said.
    I love how you have captured the the longing for the sea, for travel, the ships leaving for far and exotic countries, is all there.

    Best wishes

  3. Thank you Jenny, Lachezar.

    I did two parts on this picture and stitched afterwards. (I don't have very wide angle lens...)
    Usually my software does very good job but sometimes has not able to resolve difference.
    The crane is not snapped but it is just how the stitching has left the joint.
    But I like stitching photos and sometime left those unnatural effects as evidence of different framing.
    It’s fun!

  4. All cities with port have something special. You can find more people leaving and arriving. In a constant people traffic.

    Greetings from Perรบ

  5. wwooww, I have just realized that the sky has 4 colours (included greeen). Did you use filter?
    Excellent shot Ben. Photos are better seen in big size.

  6. Looks like you caught the time and tide. Beautiful tones, nice atmosphere.

  7. I think some of your apples are exported to our stores in Northern California.
    I like the long shadows in the picture.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  8. Irredento,
    I often use PL filter to shoot picture but this evening I did not carry it. So, there is a no filter.
    I took this in RAW mode and use some adjustment when converting to jpeg.
    Apply same adjustment to two pictures and stitch them. Then some more work for blending and so on.

    The sky has so much different colour in this time of the day. I’m grad that successfully captured some of this aspect.

    I hope our apple still taste good after that long journey.

  9. Yes they do and from now on I'll think about my new friends in NZ.

  10. I invite you to Istanbul for best scene you have ever seen. It is the capital of world.

  11. Photowannabe, we'll be thinking of you twice a week, because we have heaps of summer fruits from California right about now, and Ben lives on fruits during the day.

    Google Osman, I love your - Istanbul is one place Ben has always wanted to go for a long time. Now we can see it through your blog every day.


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