Friday, September 15, 2006

Power Hungry


  1. LOL- I heard on the radio that there was a powercut yesterday down your way. Is this photo linked?

  2. We had about 1.5~2 hours of power cut, yesterday.
    I had to watch UPS on our Server Room to be OK and use few portable funs to move hot air out from server room.
    Yup, we lost all the air conditioner units.
    One of those days, Eh?

  3. The sign seems to be pointing skyward... perhaps a lightning bolt may be heading here?

  4. With a little imagination it looks like all the cloud cover is being sucked into the power triangle.

  5. at first sight I read: power Hungary:)

  6. Louise, we've been having so many power cuts, all totally unrelated to the weather, that it's not even funny any more. Thought we apparently got it back before Marlborough, Murchison and Golden Bay.

    John, maybe it's a new attempt for collecting safe energy?

    Photowannabe, you're right, it look almost like a seaside version of the Ghostbuster thing...

    Zsolt72, I'm a horrible speller, so I wouldn't be surprised if I had it wrong...

    Thank you all for coming to Nelson DP.

  7. And where is the cable ? I cannot see it. It is like in ly country, there were a sign-board with "Pay attention, explosions in this stone quarries", but at the place they were no more quarry.

  8. Erratum :
    Read "my country" instead of "ly country".

  9. Perle, we didn't see any cables, but they could be burried - in the sand??? The questions is, beyond this bay, there is only a national park and a few Kayak operators, two cafes, and a few accommodations, and I really don't know where all this power is needed.


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