Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Rabbit Island

Same day, different view form Meg's post on her extra space. It was a very calm day, fresh air and we found company in some distance.

This shot at my sketchbook was taken about several minutes earlier with different angle.
How interesting to capture different colour of sky .


  1. I would prefer the other one ... as if there were a cloud suction pump over our heads ... Like the trees on the beach too.

  2. Thank you Matthieu,

    The other shot on my sketchbook was indeed my first pick.
    Well, I’m considering both Sketch book and NDP as main publish space, so sometimes better one goes to sketchbook ;-)
    Since I already posted there, no repeat in NDP...

    This one is my second line up on the day and it still tells audience the quietness and sound of wave and fresh air.

  3. Yes Ben it's always worthwhile hanging around for a few minutes. The sky can change so quickly.

    Curly's Photoshop

  4. Lovely!! will see more of this island at diff time ,then? cant wait!

  5. Yap time is magic, it changes everything and sometime completely.

    Kris, you will see this place time to time, if it is not soon.
    This is very popular picnic place; people come to have fun with family and friends.
    We see people enjoying BBQ's, games, and sports as well as quiet walking on edge of water.

  6. beautiful shot ben. it's exactly what I need right now.

  7. a very good shot, especially with those few tiny people in it

  8. Thank you Edwin and Lisi,

    The tiny people are the key element in the shot.
    Time I shot this is very close to the time that gate will be closed, so I have to leave soon. (so they are...)
    Therefore, very little people on the beach front.
    If the time is right, many people walking along water, child playing and so on.

    I’m sure we come back there to take more photo, time to time.

  9. wow, it's amazing what a difference a few minutes and perspective shift can make. Stunning photograph. I think i want to move there.

  10. Great photo ! The light of the sky and sea are very beautiful.

  11. I love the other shot in my sketch-book, but this is also good and a proof of what difference the time and framing make to the image. In that point, I give equal credit to this photo.

  12. i like this one... :D



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