Wednesday, September 13, 2006

We're Bessie and Nancy and We will be Your Guides Today

They are just two of the friendly faces at Marble Hills 4x4 Motorcycle Adventures, just before Marahau, at the southern end of Abel Tasman National Park.

Marble Hills is another name for Takaka Hill, where Takaka marbles used in our Parliament House were found; the Hill also played the part of Chetwood Forest in LOTR.

HELP: Ben says these are Bob and Hank - can someone enlighten us townies?


  1. I know the cow jumped over the moon but I didn't know that a remote-controlled car jumped over the cows. Poor Bessie and Nancy ;)

  2. Yeah, these are some high-powered 4*4 farm bikes, Ed.

  3. Sorry, I'm not an expert on cow/bull identification, but this site may help:

    Hope that helps some :)

  4. Ben's right this time! Grins!

  5. Bill, maybe NZ immigration should have had the cow vs. bull vs. steer talk with us before we entered the country?

    Starbyte, but you always take his side!!! Remember the little red car?

  6. What is in the sky ? A motorcycle ?
    Usually cows are looking at trains and not at motorcycles....
    A very original picture.

  7. Perle, it's a 4-wheel farm motorbike, hung from the horizontal post. You can go on tours on these bikes up the hill to the left of the picture.

  8. That is so funny. I didn't see the wires until I clicked on the picture. I was thinking, what the heck!??

  9. Jenni, it's probably the Number Eight fencing wire. That's an iconic item in New Zealand, and it fixes about 80% of the nation's engineering problem, as well as 20% or more of other problems. We were so proud when we first got our little bit of Number 8 wire.


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