Monday, September 18, 2006

What the Early Setlers See

Along Rocks Road, on the waterfront, there are a few restaurants, a fish monger, and the yacht club in this area. The building in the background is a recently-built apartment. A few more is in development but locals cannot afford the units, so the owners are mostly absentee-owners/investors from the larger cities ("main centres") and overseas. Many units are hired out as holiday accommodations.The statue is called “Early Settlers”; we will introduce this properly when we get a nice photo, and you bet Meg knows the controversy over this one.

I wonder how the early setlers feel seeing the developments and changes in the area.


  1. Wanna have a look at the front rather than the rear of the statue ?

  2. We will introduce this properly when we get a nice photo.
    I actually took one on same day but because if lighting up from underneath, it looks bit weird.
    You know… how it looks like when someone put torch under chin in dark room...

    So, we will follow up down the line.

  3. Nice photo ,I like the light so much.
    In general I am wondering how the people think and feel about all the changes of their city.

  4. Thank you Selana,
    One of very few night shot I took recently with only mono-pod. It turns out good, phew...

    I guess the real people has mixed feeling.

  5. Thanx meg for your gentle comments.

    I wanted to comment in this pic because I found a small similar look of the statues with people of the field of PerĂº. I felt some familiy feeling.

    Greetings from PerĂº

  6. Excellent old and new contrast, I look forward to seeing the Early Settlers up close!

  7. wonderful! Meg and you have such a firm grasp on colour composition. The light of the Settlers centers so well against the blues of the sky and building.

  8. Thank you,
    I will post a close look of the Early Settlers in couple of weeks.
    Edwin, it was a clean fine evening ( almost so dark on the time I shot this picture)!

  9. Eddie, love to take the credit, but these fancy stuff is by you-know-who! I just shot my first diagonal shot yesterday and felt sooooo strange and, I swear, I walked lopsided for the next 20 minutes!


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