Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Alma Lane Mosaic by Tejas Arn - Part 1

According to the Nelson Public Art and Sculpture Walks map, "(This work) was completed in 2005. The bright colours represent the primary produce of the Nelson region, including seafood and apples." Tomorrow I have a less criptic representations of the said produce.


  1. I am a sucker for mosaics, and this one is beautiful! Love the design and colors.

  2. Sarah, Thank you for stopping by.
    I recon this is very good work. I actually like this pice.

  3. ........something fishy's going on here........

  4. apples and seafood? I do not believe I've ever had them both in the same setting.

    great photo Meg

  5. hehe, thanks for stopping by John.
    Thanks Slinger,
    We have citrus trees (lemons mostly) for everyone's (well most of) back yard.
    We have one and apples.

  6. This is a brilliant mosaic. It really adds color to the walkway.

  7. That is nice! Very colorful! Brightens up the street!

  8. Thanks Photowannabe.
    Sidney, you have a graet B&W shots on your blog. Very artistic!


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