Monday, October 16, 2006


It is a close-up shot of apple flower from my yard. I have two mature apple trees (not huge ones). I believe this is Royal Gala and the other one is Granny Smith.
Here is a shot of a Commercial Apple Orchard taken in Brightwater on another day.


  1. Hey Meg:

    BCN Daily Photo is coming soon dear friend, do you have apple trees on your house? Apple is my favourite fruit, and yours?

  2. Been there, seen it, Irredento Urbanista. You can congratulate me for being the first to comment on your new blog!!! People, he's in Barcelona @ !!!

    I love apples but am alergic to the spraying, so apples from the two trees we have are the only ones I can eat. Now, Ben, he eats about half a dozen apples almost every day of his life, so he can't be too choosey, but thank godness Nelson still produces a fair amount of apples!

  3. Beautiful picture Meg!

    I'll check BCNdailyphoto right away...

    Greetings from Chile

  4. Lovely shot, I have one like this in my garden too, but I won't compete this time as with the magnolias!

  5. wow, very sweet looking apple flowers:D


  6. Lovely photo - funny to think of you having spring while we're having fall!

  7. Thank you everyone.
    It is a spring and there are new shoots and many flowers around.
    We still have little chilly morning and I still see snow on the top of mountains in distance from my window.

    John, I did not meant to compete with you but that was so striking and I couldn’t resist taking a shot (and post). I like your nature shot touches, so why not share with us John?

  8. Beautiful photo, Meg.
    And love the idea of fruit to come. Nothing beats fruit from the garden.

  9. Thank you Nathalie,
    It is relatively short period that I we can watch flowers.
    I took this before it's all gone.


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