Sunday, October 29, 2006

Bye Bye The World

Remember the cruise ship The World? Well, I took this photo when the ship was deperrting from port with my film camera. Now it's ready to share with you. Here's another shot.


  1. Jazzy Wrote:
    beautiful panorama, such a serene place and the colours are so pristine.
    have a great weekend.
    -- 10/29/2006 11:44:24 PM

    Marie McC Wrote:
    Beautiful scene. Love the different shades of blue.
    -- 10/30/2006 06:38:50 AM

    Thank you Marie and Jazzy.
    (I believe you left comment here but somehow it’s gone, when I reposted entire blog this morning. I have notifications coming to my mailbox so I reposted here.)

  2. It is a spell-binding place, but the world is too big....:)

  3. "The World" is the name of this ship and it was indeed huge cruse ship.
    I titled this post “Bye Bye The World” to be a double meanings. We say bye to the ship and the occupants of the ship who actually lives there is leaving from land (our world) and stay in water (well regular docking to many of interesting ports around the world).

    This picture also shows how ships are going out form "The Cuts" appring in this blog several times.

    Thank you Mile for stopping by.

  4. Hi Ben! Fantastic shot...soooooooooooooooooo beautiful...and look at all the blues & peaceful... Thanks for stoppin' by! =)

  5. Thanks Ame and nice to have your comment here.

  6. Doesnt even look that impressive from that distance although I understand it's pretty much a monster of a boat!

  7. Thank you Nathalie.
    Yes, it's massive, huge!
    Look for post at Auckland, the World stopped by there and Lachezar posted it at his Final Edit blog.
    His link is at the bottom of this page. (thanks for back link!)
    We also featured this boat in 17/Oct.

  8. Recently it was parked in Sydney. A visiting international guest I was hosting at a conference complained that it blocked his view! It is, apparently, ENORMOUS.

  9. Nice shot!!!


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