Monday, October 23, 2006

Diwali, Nelson Style

We're lucky we've been invited every year since 2003. My love is the Indian dances, (I especially like boys-in-white-garb dances) but I also ask a lot of folks if I can photograph their costumes, and yes, if I can touch them or see the reverse side.

As is the norm in Nelson, it is a hand-made family affair, though this year for the first time it was not pot-luck but catered; the food was good but not specifically a Diwali feast. I would like to know how to make the dry chickpea/garbanzo beans dessert, if anyone knows. More.


  1. What a great photo. Great that you got to attend. There is a public Diwali festival here in Wellington this weekend- usually in the town hall or civic centre.

  2. Louise, when I said invited, I meant we get email invites, but I think anyone can come. To us, it was really funny because we knew the host family for a long while through another family who have since moved to Lower Hutt. This being New Zealand we never exchanged family names so they had no way of contacting us, until 2003 when we ran into them in the supermarket while they were doing the big shopping in preparation for Diwali. So we scribbled our email addresses on the back of old receipts, etc., and got to be invited regularly. So I should have said, we're lucky we ran into them in the supermarket in 2003!

  3. "yes, if I can touch them or see the reverse side. " - lol!
    but do you sew, Meg?

    Too bad it wasnt pot luck this time. Otherwise i'M pretty sure most of the dishes are from family secret recipes!

  4. Kris, I don't sew much, but I'm a weaver. I'm forever touching and feeling other people's textiles. Didn't think of secret recipes, but the food line was definitely less chaotic this year, that's for sure! Lot less mess, too.

  5. Love this dress !

  6. Yes, isn't it beautiful? I was stalking her all evening!


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