Sunday, October 08, 2006


Lighthouse on the Boulder Bank and a ship in port. Look familiar? Yes, I took this on the same day as I took this picture. The lighthouse was the subject of our very first post.


  1. Love boats. This one reminds me of Duluth, MN. I like the way you composed it.

  2. Thank you Matthieu, Kate.
    Did you find there is two segal flying?

  3. Dear Daily Photo blogger. I'm sorry for the generic message, but I wanted to get this to as many of you as possible.

    I have set up "The Daily Photo Spot" on Fanpop. If you go there, you can enter your specific City Daily Photo blog (Add link). Paris, London and Dubai are already there, so it would be great to see all of you DP Bloggers listed.

    While you are there, vote for the others!

  4. Michael, thanks for effort. evely exporser couns and valuable for us.

  5. Love how the sun is shining on those big containers, lovely shot!

  6. Nice photo and I like that you have the lighthouse in the background.

  7. Thanks John, Slinger.
    The lighthouse in back ground shows some depth in this photo.
    I like the evening sun acting almost spot light to bring the big container.

    Thank you for comment.


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