Thursday, October 05, 2006

Picton Ferry Port

This is the Picton terminal of Inter Islander ferry, connecting the South Island to North Island (Wellington). When there is no boat, it sometimes turns into a playground for kids. Picton is about an hour and 45 minutes east of Nelson; the ferry ride to Wellington takes about three hours.


  1. I remember this terminal :-)

    Despite the sunny day the ride from Wellington to Picton has been quite rough, but landscapes were so breath taking, but I never been so happy as the moment I got out from the ferry :-)

  2. Liz, thank you for stopping by and lefty your foot step here.
    I think I have a wide view of this terminal from the hill.
    When I get that pic ready, I will show you here.
    (This was not digital, so I had to scan in...)

  3. Nice angle perspective shot. I enjoy the sights of your country through this blog.

  4. Thank you Photowannabe.


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