Thursday, October 26, 2006

Picture Frame

Same fruits stand as On The Rural Street Corner in Brightwater. It looks like a picture frame that never features the same picture.


  1. Clever concept. Nice picture with a moving screen.

  2. thank u for passing by... seen your other blog too... great photos... will for shure pass offen... keep with the marvellous work....

  3. hey Meg... No! im not a pro photographer... i wish!!!...
    its just my way of seeing things and some luck... (sometimes)...
    ;) hope to see u back soon...

  4. Photowannabe,
    I bet there is animal poping up sometimes. (Sheep or cow, I do not know...)

    You have very talent gift to see things (and capture), keep up good work.
    And thank you for stopping by here and another blog.

  5. a detail on the road, nice pic ;)


  6. nice pic and interesting concept!

  7. Thanks GiuCe and Macky.

  8. I love photos taken along country roads. This really does look like it would be a living picture frame.

  9. Thanks Faye. I love country side too.


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