Saturday, October 21, 2006

Plate 2: Big Sister Contemplates

You've got to be quick to catch children doing interesting things. Moments earlier, Little brother was caught climbing on the rocks under the sculpture, and was hoisted away. Grownups are funny; Big Sister now contemplates her plan of action.

I was hoping to show you some more picture from the Nelson Arts Festival or around town at Festival time, but I'm still stuck at home with the cold. Gosh, darn. At least I have the Nelson Diwali tomorrow, so I have my fingers and toes crossed.


  1. Meg I hope you will feel better soon. Its amazing to see how similar are children all around the world:)

  2. I agree with zsolt. It's very funny to see a child imitating the pranks of his older brother!

  3. Sorry to hear you are not welle enough to attend the Nelson Arts Festival, I hope it doesnt hurt too much to have your toes crossed!
    Wishing you well for Diwali tomorrow.
    Meg, I've just been on
    the Daily Photo Map and unless I'm mistaken Nelson is not on it. You might want to let them know?

  4. Thanks, people. It's just a common cold, but it likes me... Nathalie, unfortunately, we are there, just behind Wellington - kind of like a blur behind Louise. Which is ok, because sometimes we Mainlanders (South Island residents) like to keep a low profile. Sometimes.

  5. get well soon and thanks for stopping by.

  6. children are one of the hardest subject !
    you are celebrating Diwali? do show us some photos ,especially the food ;D

  7. love the partial body - the elbow especially - it's very post impressionist.

  8. Thank you, ladies. Kris, until last year they did vegitarian pot luck, but this year they decided to cater it, so I'm really looking forward to it. Piika, I was secretly thinking that just that little bit of Mom told the story, so thanks!


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