Monday, October 09, 2006


Smoko, (many people used to have a cigarette at this time), morning/afternoon tea, whatever you call it, it's nice to have a break with your mates. In New Zealand, you must have some bickies (cookies) with your coffee or milky tea, preferably with some chockie smeared on it, but lately biscotti have become very popular, too. This cart is at the top of Trafalgar Street, at the bottom of the Cathedral steps, besides the whale. There is another coffee cart on the Trafalgar and Hardy Streets corner. They both serve good coffee.

In recent time, public locations where smoking is still allowed have been diminished greatly, but many people still call the small kitchen in the work place "Smoko Room".

(My workshop was fantabulous. None of us 12 participants will never be the same as weavers again; more thoughts elsewhere in due course.)


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  2. I love to eat bickies with my coffee. But I didn't know to call them that until today when I read your post. Thanks for that little cultural note.

  3. Thanks Dave, I prefer people leave comment in here directory but I will check there as often as possible.

    Thank you Annie for stopping by and I like your balloon shot!

  4. Ben, we antipodeans have been Italians all along:



  5. Great to have you back, honey!
    That is such a lush palm in the photo - my first thought was "is that thing real?"

  6. nicotine and caffeine...the most perfect combination for an addict like me! good shot meg!

  7. Thanks, guys. I came home all psyched up, but with a horrible cold and have been totally out of circulation, my suitcase sitting inside the front door. Yuck. I've got over 200 photos from the workshop and can't wait to put some up in Unravelling!

  8. wow! Meg, I didnt know you do weaving , and i check out his site, the workmanship looks exquisite!

  9. Kris, HE is awesome, quite unique in the techniques he uses, and as it turns out, such a nice guy. It was quite an experience to sit in his workshop.


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