Saturday, October 14, 2006

St.Michaels at Brightwater

This is where I found the little family posted a day before yesterday.
[Edit] Not in this paddock but in the front yard of the church property.


  1. Hey, Meg. My photo of Jemne bldg in St. Paul is very close (1 block) to the downtown St. Paul Library. I don't know anything about Woods Chocolates. Surely I would have sniffed that out by now...

  2. Wood's Victoria Brittle, Carol. If I remember correctly, I discovered them when Butler's Square was refurbished and reopened around '75-'76. Then I discovered the main shop was in St Paul, and I used to go there ever week when I took sax lessons in downtown when I was at HU. I have no idea where I took the lessons, it might have been at a musical instrument shop, but I did go to Woods religiously to get the brittles. And normally I don't even like brittles. And from memory, it was up the hill near the library. They were there at least until .... January '82. Ring a bell? Or do I have my georgraphy all wrong?

  3. wow - what an interesting church - it looks like it has a flared skirt on!

  4. aw..they live in such a lovely area :)

  5. You are giving sweet touches to your shots. A long time I hadn't seen a chicken whit its children.

    Greetings from BCN.

    My future blog won't be from Lima

  6. Thank you everyone for stopping by.

  7. A very nice church.
    I love little churches in rural areas.

    Greetings from Chile

  8. Thanks Edulabbe.
    Those old church buildings have lots of characters.

  9. this church looks like churches in Switzerland. wonderful


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