Saturday, October 07, 2006

Where Blokes Gather

This is at Hope (name of town), the pub at the side of main road.
This is where all the broke gather and talk about..... You know.... Sports…

PS. I’m sure they do have a breakfast, lunch and dinner menu as well. Not only for blokes, but family is also welcome.


  1. What a strange red van parked in front of the pub !

  2. there is also a town called Hope in British Columbia, Canada...and I like this kind of small eateries while we are on the road...

  3. Thank you Matthieu and Lisi.

    The Truck in front of this Pub is always there, so I assume it is one of the decorations.
    However, it has proper registered number plate so it is street legal.

    I also like those small places when on the road trip. I have several favourite place at Golden Bay where we often go for long weekend relaxation.

  4. What lovely vibrant colors there are here! The whole scene looks quaint. It has a nice retro feel about it. Great photo.

  5. I'm loving that old pickup truck out front - looks like a great place to go!

  6. Thank you Gavin, Phlegmfatale,
    I trhink the old pick up truck is caracter here and whole point of quaint look.

    Thank you for comment.

  7. I thought this was your kind of photo, Phlegmy!


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