Thursday, October 19, 2006

Young Sculpture Enthusiast

From the Sculpture Symposium. The piece is "Iron Lung" by Nigel Peterson. The boy was playing hide-and-seek.

More sculptures here. I know y'all haven't seen them, because I expect at least one of you to object/rejoice a mild-mannered (who??) weaver putting a picture of a marble p*&#s on her blog!


  1. I love how kids see the essentials without worrying about how it fits in the grander scheme of things or how it should be conceptionalized... Also enjoyed visiting your Woman of Few Words Blog. The piled log sculpture fascinated me too, possibly because I used to heat with a wood stove and have made my share of wood piles. The silver "objet de arte", no problem.

  2. Exactly, Louz. There were kids trying to climb on sculptures, wanting to play cricket near it, running around and around it (OK, I was a bit worried about that boy,) and climbinig up a tree. They didn't care, they were having fun.

    Objet de arte, as you call it, had so much hype I was almost disappointed (because honestly, I thought it was going to be standing up!) but depending on the direction you looked at, it was kind of ... realistic.... Ben wouldn't even go near it, much less photograph it, but he kept nudging me to get a couple of shots.

    The wood stack WAS fascinating. People even tried to take a piece out. Can you imagine?

  3. SO this is a sculpture, eh? Not quite convinced, I thought it was an old rusty barbecue.

    I look forward to Sculptures by the Sea in Bondi where chances are we'll see pretty much the same sort of thing... but there are always a number of pieces that I find really interesting.

  4. awesome!! I like that sculpture, so basic but so imginative!!

    Greetings from a peruvian in Barcelona.


  5. Nathalie, that's what I thought, too, barbecue. But in fact, this one had a long bag attached to the back, and it inflated and deflated at regular intervals. Rusty lungs on someone else is one thing, but not sure about my piece of steak sitting on this rusty barbie myself!

    Irredento Urbanista, it is basic. Most of the work at this Sympposium were made in two weeks, I think.

  6. can i climb into it? can i? can i? hehe...

  7. Keropok Man, sure you can, if you are around 20kg!


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