Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Well, yes, it's been done hundreds of times, but I really wanted to shoot this particular tree, so Ben had to turn the car around, near a curve, in the rain. Afterwards, I realized there were dozens more trees like this all over the Takaka Hill. Well, been there, done that. I can move on.

LOTR fans may know this area as "Chetwood Forest".


  1. Treeeeeeeeeeeee! At last I can get in here, which I couldn't for the past 3 days - it wouldn't open. And whadya know? I discover that it's already the 29th. As opposed to here today, where, thanks to nameless individuals in various continents, it has only seemed like it! Tomorrow came today.
    What a strange tree. Doesn't it blossom? No leaves? A bit eery.
    And ther "mideval ruin", speaking as one who sees M.Rs, all over the place almost daily, it is incredibly convincing & a great night shot. Now, sing for your breakfast, people!

  2. Believe me, you DON'T want to hear me sing at this hour. Wait until the shower, which is after toast.

    The thing about three that troubles me is I think it could be diseased. It's at the top of the hill, and at first I thought it was struck by lightening; it looked a bit charred, and no leaves, no signs of life. However, since there were so many around here, I'm not sure if lightening struck each tree, even over weeks and months. I have heard of this disease that makes the trunks go all black, so maybe next time I'll have to get closer and check it out.

    By the way, Mile, the chap that owns THAT water tank might be coming over tomorrow night so I'll ask what he does with the water he collects so I can report back to you.

  3. Good on you, you really have to blow up the photo to appreciate it. I like it.

  4. glad you've done it. the nature is just gorgeous.

  5. I like the rainy gray day and the lonely tree. I think there must be a song in there somewhere.

  6. I really like that you centered the tree in the's like the tree is standing defiantly against the dramatic elements surrounding it. Very well done!

  7. I often work extra hard to get to one particular shot only to find many other similar ones with easier access. At least it looks good.

  8. I think there IS a song in there somewhere..............

  9. Meg, am sure Ben didnt mind. And its worth the stop.
    DP is all about "team"work. My partner already stop being surprised at the things i wanna photograph :D

  10. Meg...Rivendell and the Shire!!!!

  11. I don't mind stooping, chasing or turn around for taking a shot.
    Well, safety always comes first. So, occasionally, I cannot stop where you wanted, Meg.

  12. Lachezar, it's an honor you took the trouble to enlarge it!! I'm speechless.

    Jazzy, I guess I can't take credit for NZ nature being gorgeous.

    Photowannabe, a song? I was thinking, a story.

    Chris & Deb, thanks for the compliments. I thought it was so cool when your Dad commented on your wonderful dawn together.

    Ryan, do you? Well, that makes me feel better. I do get so focused on thinking I found an ultimate find, that I don't look around.

    KB, now I know you can find that song. Get to work, mate.

    Kris, I think it's the way I ask him. For one thing I can never get right and left right, so I'm always pointing one way and saying another. And then there's the fact that the aformentioned driver tends to drive a bit fast for my slow decision making.

    Lisi, the shire was shot on a farm near Matamata, North Island, and I think there's actually a tour that takes you there, but all the cute homes and stuff were taken out as soon as they shot the movie - in fact, I think all the locations were returned to their normal state as much as possible after the film was shot because of the contract with New Line Cinema. And did you know that most of Rivendell was CG? They used the Kaitoke Regional Park for some of the shots, but I was sooooo disappointed to learn that there were never an elaborate set for it.

    Ben, thanks. But you know, I always say, "I want to shoot that", and then you drive past it, and you ask, "Oh, did you want to shoot that?" Don'tcha, don'tcha, don'tcha!!!

  13. I LOVE IT! David does the same thing... or he'll look at me and ask if I saw something that I need (notice I said need, not want) to shoot!

    Ben's a good guy!

  14. Well, Jenni, at least he's not the ONLY one, then. I thought he was being EXTRAORDINARILY insensitive!


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