Thursday, November 30, 2006

Cable Bay Walkway Entrance

After work, 6:45pm 22nd November, as far as I went on that day...


  1. no need to go farther!! I love these rustic settings. They feel so welcoming to me.

  2. A cool country road. Ilove the gate.

  3. hi there! thanks for visiting my blog the other day. I didn't know you are japanese^_^;!

    I hope my nihonggo is ok since I always write some in my posts!!

  4. where does it lead to? you planning to go a little further? I'm curious.

  5. An inviting setting but a walkway and a gate blocking it gives a confusing message.
    It does look like a great place to walk though.

  6. Thanks Every one.

    Gate is there but not broking people to go through.
    It just block a car to go further this point (except land owner, of course). So anyone can go through for walking.
    I did not go further that time, well sometime soon, Ed. It is like scenic route for people, beautiful walk way for light tramping and so on.

  7. You do realize you must go through the gate on a future post :)

  8. Bill,
    This gate looks like closed but it's not. It's always like this but people can go there freely.
    The side of this gate (actually a kind of sign post, just looks like gate to stop any cars go further) has enough space to pass through. Checkout this previous post.
    If that is walkway, we have a right to go. I didn't only because it was evening. I will go back some time...


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