Sunday, November 12, 2006


This is from the one of the bridges on Maitai River, look left, right, straight ahead, behind, left, right, straight ahead, behind.

Speaking of birds, I mentioned tuis in my November 7 post; yesterday we saw a small one on a flax plant, so Meg shot a couple (of pics) here.


  1. From France, New Zealand is synonymous with nature and your photos (this one and those with the link) are a good illustration of this opinion.

  2. Did it take a rest or did it go fishing along the river ?

  3. Interesting that you saw a Cormorant by the river. Aren't they typically coastline birdies? On a beach perhaps, getting a tan and enjoying a decent Mai Tai?

  4. Thanks Alice, I appreciate your comment.

    Matthieu, I think it try to go fishing as it looking around so quickly.

    LOL... Eddie,
    I believe there is two kind (at least we have slightly different name in Japan indicate river or coastal variation).
    This point is close to coastal area, so I can not say which variation it belong to. I'm not surprised if this one is coastal variation.

  5. Gorgeous bird and photo, as you said, I should go to the river more often!

  6. No rivers in Athens. We had some but we turned them into avenues and highways. Oh, and to garbage throwing places. When I look pics like this I can't help feeling sad of how brutally mankind behaves on the nature. I am happy that places like this exist.

  7. I love the creeks deep under the bridges in NZ, really enjoyed Meg's tuis too. Have a great Sunday!

  8. congratulations Meg on BDP =)

  9. Thank you all!
    Lachezar, your bird shots on "One a Day" is great! I really like your oyster catcher series.

    Ovelikios, It's sad to hear that river is tuned to something else, especially a 'garbage throwing places". I hope something good will be happened to your place.

    Nathalie, I love the creek too, Deep one especially. This one is few meters away from my lens.

    Jazzy, Meg get very excited when she find out you and Meg is the winner.

  10. Jazzy, that was HARD work for me. Seriously hard work, especially the last one, but I enjoyed it.

  11. Wow, Ben! It is a real treat for me to see this cormorant. There was a famous native Californian who was stranded for many years on one of the Santa Barbara Islands off the coast. She was discovered by European's who were seal hunting, and taken back to Mission Santa Barbara. She has a beautiful skirt she had made completely out of cormorant feathers. The skirt was once on display but somehow got lost in transport for a museum showing elsewhere. The native woman died of disease within months of being brought to civilization, and is burried in a common grave in the mission side yard along with 4000 other natives who similarly died. Cromorants are no longer around, either. A novel called Island of the Blue Dolphins was written about her. I had no idea the birds were so large, and so very lovely. Kudos!
    PS, thank you for your kind comment on my photo today. I'm glad you could make out the rain drop. . .I sort of fuzzed up the focus in other parts of the photo to lessen that rain drop blob.

  12. Kim,
    I'm glad that this picture help you something. The novel you mentioned sounds interesting. In NZ, Maori people used to make beautiful garment out of many feathers from native birds. I only saw them in museum (in Auckland, Wellington) or TV news that showing a ceremony at Marae.


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