Monday, November 20, 2006


The guy with the yellow kite was performing lots of acrobatics at Tahunanui Beach. Few more in my sketchbook here and here. These were shot on film. (Please click photo to enlarge, it is slightly better colour in that way.)


  1. i guess the sea is very cold under them..isnt it?

  2. Zsolt72,
    It is a cold water.
    The shot is turn up little darker than I checked on the laptop I normally working on.

  3. This is an exciting photo. Very well taken :)

  4. What could possibly go wrong! :)

  5. Thank you everyone.
    We are close to summer, but our water is not warm like Hawaii. That what I meant to say.

    We had plenty of sun but alto the strongish wind on that day.
    The guy with the yellow kite was great performer!
    Please also look at my sketchbook area for another shots. (two links on main post)

    I post this particuler shot here, because there is plenty of action and movement.
    One in air, one is on speed and the one is going to water just now!

  6. wonderful photo! I can stay there and watch them whole day

  7. Me too, Kris.
    I run out my film so went off], but it's fun to watch their performance.

  8. I'd be nervous as could be that my lines would get tangled in someone else's - not my idea of a good time! *L* You can tell a sedentary person by the way they are horrified at other people's recreation, can't you?

  9. That reminds me - we actually saw a guy in Hawaii with his parachute lines getting all tangled up while he was coming down. I thought he was still going to be ok, because the parachute itself was open and he was coming down slowly, but my brother didn't want to stick around to watch him crash land... Wonder what happened to him. Yikes. Weaving and Jewelry making are so much safer, even with the fumes from dyes and melting metals.


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