Thursday, November 09, 2006

No, Pooch, No

Found in the mural on the car park side of the "Home of the Nelson Building Society Giants" building in Stoke. Nelson Giants is a pretty good team in the New Zealand basketball league and we had many players in the Tall Blacks at the World Cup in Indianapolis a few years ago, where we were fourth coming out of nowhere. Sadly, in the Cup this year in Japan the Tall Blacks didn't do so well.


  1. I love it ! What a great idea, what happens when the building unzips I wonder!?

  2. Tall basketball players fall out, of course!

  3. quick, doggy, unzip it! so the basketball players can all fall out! haha...

  4. Hi,

    Thanks for stopping Réal Dp.

    The reply I posted on Réal DP; France, in fact a lot of Europe is experiencing very mild weather. There has been snow across northern Europe but I don’t think it lasted and the French snow resorts in the Alps are still waiting for their first fall of snow.

    Yesterday it certainly did not feel as if winter is just around the corner with a temperature high of 20°C and I was working in the garden in light clothing. We are enjoying it while it lasts.

    It has been great looking at your photo-blog. I spent a month in NZ in the early 90's traveling around but never managed to visit Nelson. New Zealand remains one of my favorite countries, maybe one day I will have the chance for another visit.

  5. Thanks Meg, your comment was really flattering. By the end of the day, that's all we photographers do: observe and with a bit of luck keep the moment.
    I love discovering Nelson through your eyes just as much.

    All the best

  6. I love that kind of humor!
    Great shot.
    Found you through Joe's Rome blog,
    will be back for more.
    Greetings from Vienna,

  7. Thanks for visiting, everybody.

    Keropok Man, spooky, you came here just when I was over at your blog. Serendipitous.

    Wilf, guess who's still feeling the cold, instead of you? I almost had fire in the fireplace today, again! I believe the hight today was around 15C.

    Lachezar, hi, "neighbor"! You'd laugh seeing us in the mornings - we both sit in front of our own computers and go check your three blogs, sometimes at the same time, and talk to each other's back trying to analyze your pictures or guess the location. I must say, you do make Auckland look beautiful.

    Merisi, I love your coffee cups with the cafe logos. We'll definitely be making regular stops in Vienna from now on.

  8. Very funny mural, it made me laugh - and so did your reply to Lachezar's comments!
    So the kiwi basketballers are called the tall blacks? That's hilarious. You have to wonder who the short blacks are LOL

  9. Original ! Is the zipper in 2D or 3D ?

  10. Nathalie, short blacks are a coffee over here, or it could be a team of moi!

    Boys are All Blacks (rugby), Tall Blacks (basketball), All Whites (soccer), Black Sticks (hockey) and White Sox (softball - several-times World Cup Winners by the way). Oh, and that other team, Black Caps (cricket).

    Women are Black Ferns (rugby - again, several-times World Cup winners but seldom televised)), Silver Ferns (netball), Tall Ferns (basketball, including several Silver Ferns), and Black Sticks (hockey). I can't find women's cricket, but they're pretty successful, also, I think.

    Boys don't admit to playing netball over here. How about Oz? Boy, I've wanted to investigate NZ team names one day, and thanks to DP, I just did. I had thought that all women's team had a Fern in there somewhere, but apparently not. A bunch of people want to change the national flag over here, and one strong contender is the silver (ok, it's white) fern on black background.

    Matthieu, alas, it's just 2D, but wouldn't it be funny if a 2D dog was pulling a 3D zipper?

  11. fun mural. No shortage of whimsy in your part of the world, is there? I love the eccentricity of it all. I need to show more of the local eccentricity in my blog.

  12. The thing, though, Phlegmy, is that I'm not sure if these are considered eccentricities... NZ is a country where anyone (in this case, armatures) can have a go at anything and call it art, and that's why I can call myself a weaver. It's just a great place to start something new, and a great release for those who do, but out of these emerge some new artists, some real outside-the-box thinkers. However, if you're a fan of more traditional/skillful (in a traditional sense) portrayal of the world or use of material, this may not be the place... So the more I think about it, the more you'd love an art trip in NZ, for sure!


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