Friday, November 24, 2006

SH6: Rohatu Hotel

Further down from Belgrove, this pub is situated on the corner of State Highway 6 and Motueka Valley Highway. The route is a lovely circuit connecting Nelson, Richmond, Tapawera (very rural -Motupiko on the map), Motueka, and back the coastal road to Nelson; we go at least four times a year to enjoy the changing colors of the seasons, and quite often in the summer because there are numerous picnic sites by the river on this route. This is the route you can find this cow.


  1. very picturesque photo-beautiful rich colors!
    Happy Thanksgiving from Minneapolis!

  2. wow it's so lush and beautiful!

  3. mm..could imagine how nice to have the picnic there.

  4. This is beautiful country. The trees look like they could be in Oregon.

  5. that's a very nice place.
    looks like a scene from a movie.

  6. yes I was... :)
    no one was looking!!! :)

    every time i see your photos i think what a nice place to live...


  7. You live in such a beautiful part of the country. I would love to visit some time.


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