Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Berry Picking

On the 17th, we did one of the Nelson Pre-Christmas must-do activity, berry picking. Because we are nuts about berries, and because last year we couldn't go at all, we went a bit overboard and picked 8kgs. We picked raspberries (my favorite of the ones available), boysenberries (Ben's favorite, too macho for me; I now call it the Hemingway Berries) and tayberries (a cross between these two). I think Nelson's soil and climate best suits boysenberries because they never fail, but this year raspberries were delectable as well.

As for my ultimate favorite, blueberries, they are available from supermarkets but we haven't found a place where we can go pick our own, so I have a small plant. On the 17th, it looked like this and we thought we should pick the good ones before the birds get them as they do every year. Around lunch time on the 18th, the ripe ones were all gone again! How on earth do the birds know exactly the right day to come and steal my blueberries!

We froze half of our loot, but that will be gone before 2007.


  1. wow are you gonna make some jam with some of them?
    my fave are raspberries.

  2. Hemingway Berries - I love it.
    Did you notice that I seem to be the only poster that comes with a garbage pail on my post?

  3. Mmmm. Look nice. I would love to see those in a raspberry "kuchen" (german cakes)... My mother makes the best one.

    Greetings from Chile

  4. Jazzy, believe it or not, the 8kg will be gone before the end of the year, I'm afraid. I think we need to go get some more if I want to make jam.

    Nikon, they ARE tangy and sour and ... really a man's berry, you know.

    Edulabbe, is that like Black Forest cake with chocolate and cherries? Do you think you can find out the recipe from your mother?

  5. Oh yummmm, there is nothing like fresh picked berries. Glad you froze some for the future.

  6. Oh Meg, I am now in the cold in France and the idea of picking raspberries for Christmas seems SOOOO exotic to me now LOL

    No berries growing in Sydney either, suppose the climate isn't right?

  7. i just love berrys... of all kind...Mmmmm...

    Wishes of happy new year from Madrid...

  8. Winter here is so cruel. No Berries to pick (well, snow berries but they aren't tasty at all!) And having fresh berries (freshly picked or fresh from the Farmers' Market) at Christmas sounds like heaven. I totally agree that even 8kg won't last long. (they wouldn't in our house either)


  9. Thank you for your visits. Now that we expect fresh berries this time of the year, I don't much care for the frozen ones. I think we need to go pick some more; I can make jam with the frozen ones.

  10. Mmmm... much better than Coke, envy you for those and the blue sky above!


  11. You seem to have hit on a favorite topic and make many of us crave warmer weather so that we, too, can enjoy berries of all kinds.

  12. Blackberries - I don't usually like them, but they are sooooo good this year. I want to go back - maybe today - maybe tomorrow.


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