Saturday, December 16, 2006


This is a giant eel under the jetty posted the day before yesterday. It was about 60~80cm long. If I remember correctly the indigenous Maori eat smoked eel.

And a mini quiz here: many of you will know our Hooded Blogger friend; can you guess who it is?


  1. You can buy smoked eel here too. Also smoked octopus.

    Is the mysterous blogger Ben?

  2. Nope, says the Quiz Master.

    But Ben says smoked octopus sounds yummy!

  3. Well that was going to be my guess too.
    That eel is huge. Not too sure if I would care for it or not. It looks slimey and rubbery.

  4. I love to eat eel! Smoked Unagi is so so so delicious!!!

  5. Eeeew!
    Smoked eel? I've never eaten eel, but it doesn't look very appetizing... Does it have the same kind of flesh as fish?

    The picture in my profile photo is from the Torres del Paine National Park (Towers of Paine), located in the Magallanes Region, 2500 Km south from Santiago.
    It's considered by UNESCO as one of the most beautiful, unique and uncontaminated places on the planet. Many people come from all over the world, just to see the Towers.
    Here are a couple of links. Wikipedia has the same picture I have, but without me! LOL

  6. Smoked or barbecued eel is delectable, but in Japan, we only eat ones that are maximum... 30-40cm and are very skinny. As Keropok Man says, it's really yummy - with sweet soy sauce, over white rice....

    Edulabbe, the scenery is majestic. I must find out more. It's just so picturesque.

  7. ell!!!!... is it electric???

    thanks for passing...

  8. wow what an amazing beastie! You were lucky to be there at exactly the right time.

  9. so many "e"s!!
    hee hee...
    fish will be my dish today...
    who is that mysterious guy???
    luoise from wellington??
    his blog has some similar style...:D

    have a nice day.

    shanghai daily photo

  10. Tr3nta., it's not an electric variation.

  11. Boy from the Hood here....just to say that where I (still) live, eel is in abundant supply in the river, and in the fish-shops & restaurants. I was only sating the other day that is one of the few things I don't fancy trying. I'm told it is excellent though. It's just the idea.

  12. Mile,
    You should try it.
    The skin on this large one is bit rubbery so just eat the fresh. Smoked one is popular in NZ.

  13. Mile, the trick is, you grow up eating them and loving them, and then seeing them for the first time after you're totally addicted to them, and say, "Yikes, but I can't give up NOW!"


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