Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Floating Barge

The anchor of this barge looks like a plug. When Meg and I saw this, we both said the same thing: "Who pull the plug?!"


  1. Well, sure I didn't :)But when the tide is low I always wonder about the same thing!

    Great fun, well done!

  2. Funny, just as long as no one pulls the plug on the Lake...
    Such beautiful country you live in.

  3. The anchor looks like a huge cork!

  4. well...:P
    maybe the mermaid??

  5. lol no wonder we're flooded here in Tewkesbury, it all washed over here!

  6. :)

    If the ancor is a cork soon the lake will be empty...


  7. it is so beautiful where you live... i'm jealous

  8. hmmm i am sure it was ben and mag who pulled the plug. haha...

  9. Thank you for visiting and commenting to the post. It's so interesting to see how all react to the image. I like Lynn's comment most. you must be living at the opposite side of the world. LOL.


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