Sunday, December 10, 2006

Gold Mining – Howard River Valley

About halfway down the Porika 4WD track, near Lake Rotoroa, one of the Nelson lakes, there is an old gold mining area. You can look for gold at the New Creek gold fossicking area without license.

PS. This shot was taken quite while ago. If I had another chance to go there, I will introduce some of the back road that need 4WD.


  1. Did you try your luck Meg? :)
    I'm sure there's still some left out there!


  2. Nice monument. 4WD and gold panning sounds like a winning combination.

  3. A fascinating monument. There is some gold to be found in the Umpqua River here still. I tried my luck when I was younger and came up with a few flakes.

  4. G'morning/evening Ben! It's a strange monument, isn't it? How old is it, do you know? I tried to enlarge it to read the plaque, but couldn't home in enough on it. Curious, last night I was watching my wife put togther pieces of family jewelery and gold medallions that she now proposes to sell. I have emotional misgivings, she has material needs. She wins, if the price is right. Sad...

  5. It looks like a headstone for someone's grave. Is it? Interesting way to express the idea--the pan and the shovel.

  6. Thanks everyone.
    We didn't try our luck at that time but may be in a next chance.
    According to quick search, it is a 1860’s and modern day gold fields.
    It's really a memorial monument Kate.

  7. This is what in the plaque

    Raymond Russell Gibson
    My last long days are over
    and It's time for me to rest.
    When the Lord sits in judgement,
    I home there'll be a place for me.
    Somewhere in the Howard Valley.
    The place I love to be.

    Now, I'm thinking it could be a head-stone or may be a little tribute to some one significant in this area...

  8. This is a memorial for a gold prospector called Sabine who lived in the bush and gold mined the area for years.

  9. I know this is really old... But this memorial is for my great uncle. Uncle Ray loved the bush and was something of a local legend.


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