Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Grinch Hiding on Rabbit Island

Yeah, he thinks he's smart hiding out here until Christmas Eve!

And Nikon101 of Hemminway's Paris has correctly identified our Hooded Blogger Friend; it is indeed Mile Stones of Time and a Word; I wish I could say I went to beautiful Lisbon to photograph him, but Mile was playing with his spiffy new cell phone.


  1. Well he fooled me better than we fooled Nikon, for sure! Nikon must have been wearing his best, longest telephotos to spot that, bless him! GGGGrRRR! But I've dealt with that on the 'Hoodie' post. Shall we try Noddie next?

  2. You're a mean one Mr. Grinch...great shot Meg. I like the textures of the wood.

  3. :)
    and a very interesting shot!!
    i am thinking of the angle??


  4. Thanks for your visits.

    Jing, the Grinch is a character from Dr Seuss children's stories - you may have access to a movie called "The Grinch Who Stoke Christmas" which came out in 2000. Here's the movie makeup version: http://www.nycny.com/movies/the_grinch/grinch.jpg (played by Jim Carrey), and here's the drawing which, I believe, appeared on the original book cover: http://www.reacttheatre.org/images_shop/grinch.jpg


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