Monday, December 04, 2006

Hazy Mountains and Green Field

I'm just showing you an empty paddock; I found hazy the mountains attractive on this day.


  1. So this is a paddock. Interesting. Nice clouds.

  2. Gorgeous Ben! So serene and calm and peaceful and BEAUTIFUL! ANd look at those clouds! Ahhhhhh...Sometimes ya just gotta do empty for a change....we all need to clear out the cobwebs at times! Hi to MEG! :-)

  3. Ja, yes, it's a paddock. It's just no animals today on this particuler paddock.

    Ame, Yap, empty field is very good for empty my mind. Then, I can be ready for next project.

  4. the sky is gorgeous...
    some cosy and peaceful view....
    i like to see it when i am in the office....:))

    shanghai daily photo

  5. pardon me, but it looks like the default microsoft wallpaper!

    what are the lines in the picture? overhead wires?

  6. Thank you, Jing and Keropok man.

    The line is a overhang power feed line. I could erase them but I didn't.
    I took almost exact image of m$ bliss wallpaper other day (not at this place, through), but I did not like it cause too much look alike. I guess, that can be done anywhere in a rural paddock.

    Thank you for stopping by.

  7. a magic sky in a quiet place... nice pic :)

  8. Very restful scene. The lazy sky makes me feel good.

  9. Thank you, GiuCe.

    I'm happy to hear this makes you feel good, Photowannabe.


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