Thursday, December 14, 2006


This is an overview of Jetty at Lake Rotoiti, Nelson Lakes National Park.


  1. thanks meg... thanks ben... for your kind words... and for comming often to see tr3nta...

  2. Nice brooding picture of the Jetty. I like the clouds.
    I had to transfer to Beta yesterday too. it was the only way to post on some blogs. reference to allredmop...though my hair is (sigh)turning gray it once was an all red mophead.(sigh)

  3. Tr3nta, you're very welcome. I liked the happy picture on Tr3nta, too.

    Photowannabe, I see! Kind of like Annie, then?!

  4. Hi Meg & Ben,

    I'm testing this again. it worked here yesterday, after you advised me, but in other beta-blogs, it is hit & miss. Sometimes yes, mostly no. I try every possible combination on some & nothing gets in. This isn't good enough. If it continues like this, I & other people will be giving up, as if we cannot communicate as we were used to doing - AND which is the purpose of the whole blog idea - then it is dead.
    Now, does this get posted?

  5. Well, I lost my comment.
    Did I made mistake for word verification? Now I have to retry.

    Thank you or stopping by everyone! I wish I have screen calibration device to match photo on my CRT and LCD on laptop. Those are still little expensive here so sometime in long line of my with list.

    Yes it's posted and your name link to the new beta profile you made.
    So I guess it's working. If you already converted your blog, you can ignore template fix we sent earlier. What you need is upgrade your template and rearrange element as you like.
    Great to have you back in here.


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