Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Now It Looks Like This...

This is the result of erosion. This is used to be a large pine tree. On Rabbit Island.


  1. Sorry to see a beautiful tree eroded do badly. It did make an interesting picture though. This has been a great tour of Rabbit Island.

  2. i agree with photowannabe, the photo is interesting and that it is hanging by a "thread"

  3. it looks like "he" tries to escape on his legs to a better place

  4. Thank you, everyone.
    There are few more tree stumps like this on the Rabbit Island. I found this one interesting so I took a shot.
    Zsolt, I like your imagination.

  5. Intricated roots make for fascinating pictures and obviously stimulate the imagination too!

  6. Thank you, Nathalie.
    This guy(?) was so photogenic among others. Yes, it stimulates lots of imagination, too.


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