Saturday, December 02, 2006

Rabit Island

Some unknown artist left this signature at middle of empty beach. (Here's another shot.) Meg was so grumpy about Theme Day she kept mumbling and shooting strange stuff, and then her battery died!


  1. Like a totem...About Theme Day, i don't even know where i have to go to check it, shame on me!

  2. beautiful capture!!
    and god bless the battery~~

    have a nice weekend.


  3. Wonder what the meaning of the pole is? Interesting shot and nice colors.
    Batteries are the bane of a lot of our lives.

  4. Thank you all.
    Series shots will continue on sketchbook...

  5. This shot makes me think of another shot (wood arrangement) I took in the Norman Peninsula. An idea for a future post. Thanks for being my muse :)

  6. Thank you Matthieu.
    A drift wood is always good subject. As a natural arrangement or someone arranged them and left behind.


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