Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Remember Agfa?

Sometimes it pays to look up. As long as we've known, (sine 1992), this office has been the Air New Zealand Travel Centre, but it was something better before. I was always a Fuji user, but it still was like running into an old friend.

Here's another just in case the leaves got in your way. I wonder where Franky is now.


  1. Interesting that the sign is still there. It doesn't look in too bad of shape either.

  2. You know, Faye, I wonder if everybody's forgotten it's there.

  3. passing by...
    and those leaves is nice.
    and i really didnt understand your comments....
    sorry...i live so far away.

    shanghai daily photo

  4. Maybe its like our own clutter. After a while it becomes part of the scenery and nobody see's it any more.

  5. I never knew where is AGFA from? In Perú I only used Fuji and Kodak.

  6. Thank you for your visits.

    Jing, AGFA, like Fuji and Kodak, was one a film company that produced films and chemicals used for photo development; but the film portion of the company closed a few years ago. I think there was a photo development lab somewhere in the building below.

    Photowannabe, because of the trees, it's not easy to see, so yes, probably nobody sees it any more. Because if they did, I'm sure they'd reuse it.

    Irredento, I was amused that www.Agfa.com exists - they seems to have survived as a graphics technology firm and health (X-ray?) technology. It says, "In 1867, a color dye factory was established at the Rummelsburger See near Berlin. In 1873, it was registered as the 'Aktien-Gesellschaft für Anilin-Fabrikation', AGFA." Currently their headquarters are in Blegium.

  7. I am a Konica or Kodak person. But I have not visit any Film Processing shops for a long time! Agfa is quite popular in this part of the world some time ago.

    Meg, keropok are crackers, usually made of fish, or prawns. There are many times. It's delicious! Something like Papadams, but much nicer!

  8. Cracker Man! Yum... All the film companies are really having to find ways to survive, but it would be a travesty if film photography becomes too expensive for the rank armatures. Ben's still doing both, and I hope he can continue.


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