Thursday, January 25, 2007

And What's Emily Thinking?

I think she looks like an Emily. I think she was angry for being uprooted from her school and her friends, and was determined to hate this place. She's also exhausted and scared and she might cry any minute.

You know, Emily could be the great-great-grandmother of someone I know!

(I haven't forgotten Dad, either, but he's much taller than me, so this is the best I could do. His right ear seems to indicate he played rugby in the old country.)


  1. Touching. I think you have described the emotions to a tee. Scared, mad, determined not to cry. The sculpture did a wonderful job of capturing that face. Dad looks like a fighter or a longshoreman. Nice series, Meg.

  2. Longshoreman - what a perfect description.

  3. Maybe she had a bit of sea sickness from her long journey....

  4. Hi Meg,
    Dad does look a bit rough!

  5. I think Emily looks determined. She misses her home and her friends but she will make this work and come out very strong.

    With that nose, dad looks like a boxer who lost a fight or two.

  6. i love this sculpture. Very expressive face. But who is Emily??:)

  7. Thanks for your visits, people.

    Piika, didn't think of that, but that would be MY story.

    Nikon, yeah, it did make me think of Gangs of New York.

    Faye, being a person of extremely limited vocabulary, I must admit I did think of a boxer before a longshoreman; however, he could have some Pacific Island blood, too, I think.

    Zsolt, I just named the little girl portion of the sculpture Emily.... She could be Emilia... Emelyne... Emma, or... Dorothy, though.

  8. Emily suits her.

    They sure bred them tough in those days...imagine kids of our time travelling that far on a ship! YEAH RIGHT!!


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