Monday, January 29, 2007

Arts Council Loo

It has a built-in noose, and the windowpane is removable for easy escape. In fact, it's not there in this shot.


  1. Glad there is an escape from ths Loo. It doesn't look too warm and friendly, especially the "noose". Fun shot Meg.

  2. For an Arts Council? Is this where the artists go or the council..... i suspect the artists.

  3. nice shot, great framing

  4. Creepy--I'd have to find somewhere else to go...

  5. It's just an old building (I was trying to figure out what it was originally used for) that's not exactly well-maintained, but it looks a little creepy in this shot, doesn't it, now that you mention it. I wonder, if I said this is a prison loo, would anyone believe me?

    Artists, Arts Council staff and visitors - anyone who knows where the loo is - can use this.

    I don't know which shop/office it is, but on the roof opposite this window, there is a really big air conditioner external unit, and there's possibly a sprinkler cooling the unit itself. Anyway, it always sound like horrible rain outside this loo, and if you keep the pane off too long, the floor gets pretty wet.

    I love old buildings, and I've been enjoying exploring this building.

  6. Ohhh I love old buildings too. Lucky you to get to explore it.

    So if the art is really bad and the council member can't take it anymore they can sneak out the loo window. Or if its really REALLY bad, theres always the noose.

    I like the shot.

  7. I like your approach and the shot. In fact is an abstract art composition on its own right. It also opens a whole new world of theme possibilities!

    But my trust in the New Zealand loo remains unshakable.

    You always know that it will be there for you when you need it no matter how far or remote the location.


  8. Faye, Although publicly accessible, I'm trying to make the loo "mine" too by bringing in my special loo paper with feather-shaped embossing. (Yes, I'm starting to see life beyond installing the Exhibit now. Phew!)

    Lachezar, did you go see the old sail boats, or the Black Boat, or both?

  9. What I was trying to get at is that artists are terribly under appreciated all over the world so it wouldn't surprise me if that's the loo for the artists and management gets the "posh" quarters!

  10. Here, Piika, even Arts Council is under appreciated, so we all go there. In fact, the manager of the Arts Council is a painter himself (quite successful), so yup - it's his loo, too.


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