Sunday, January 07, 2007

End of the Holiday

Last night, some of these folks were tidying up their belongings, getting ready to go home, while others were sharing a beer with their neighbors, standing by the fence and looking at the beach across the road. A typical Kiwi summer holiday. The man in the green tent relaxed in either a hammock or a Lazy-Boy-type foldable chair, while the Mrs fussed about.

It's not a great shot, but I really wanted to capture the bittersweet mood of the motor camp without getting right into the faces of the holiday-makers on their last night. Teenagers were talking especially loudly with animated gestures with their new friends; kids were insisting on one last run down the slide while parents stood around waiting. I was feeling nostalgic about thier summer memories already.

Amazing how many had a satellite dish, too. (And it'll be a while before I post a photo with the rubbish bin right in the middle in focus!) At Kaiteriteri Beach, north of Motueka.


  1. oh how i'd love to be able to be on a beach right now and wearing shorts!

  2. I myself don't like the end of the holiday. I will always miss my last day in Bali last year. I don't know what really made us like that. Is it about a freedom of this life. FYI, it is the end of my holiday. I am too afraid to begin my lecture tomorrow

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  4. Meg, the last days of vacation are always bittersweet. i wish they could last longer. Its like semi-retirement for us with a little more freedom. I like this shot and especially highlighting the rubbish can. Heehee.

  5. Great photo Meg. I am always amazed at the gear that some people have for their camping holidays.
    These camping sites are becoming rarer as the price of coastal land has increased.

  6. Nice capture....summer hols seem sooooo long when you're a kid.

  7. Thanks for visiting, folks. Ben goes back to work tomorrow, and the kid in me already misses him and the fun we could be having, but the housewife/worker in me is relieved because I can reclaim the house and my day-time freedom (NOT that Ben's heavy maintenance even if he was home. Well, he cooked most meals the last 2 weeks so I'm not complaining at all!) But I've got to work hard the next 3 weeks.


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