Monday, January 15, 2007

Flax Flowers

These flax leaves were at least 3 meters high, so the flowers must be well over 4 meters; I was looking straight up to try to shoot a bee in one of them. At the Toad Hall car park.


  1. Hi Meg! You know what I was doing after reading the title for your shot today? Trying to say Flax Flowers real quickly! I was the tongue-twister champ in 6th grade! LOL!

    Nice shot...and why do some of these place names just remind me of Disneyland! Love it!

    Have a great week! HI to BEN!


  2. Hi Meg,
    Love your Monday shot, but I'm glad here is still Sunday :)

    Ame, you're no longer a red x LOL!

  3. this is something without scale...could be a microscopic landscape, or a huge jungle for dinosaurs....only we know bay the mesur of the bee

  4. They look like a mean leaf to try and fight your way through, isn't flax used in textiles or something? Or am I completely making that up???

  5. Great photo. Even better when enlarged.

  6. Photo-effe, thanks. I do believe this shot was made better because I'm so short.

    Ame, OK, I'm not too good with tongue twisters, but Flax Flowers? You didn't spike your coffee this morning, didya?

    Carlos, just wait until the weekend; we'll be sleeping in when you're still working!

    Pure-Atelier, I didn't think of that, but it's true, because we have small (50cm?) flax bushes, too, and their flowers look just the same, just smaller.

    Moutainboy, yes, they are - and once established, you can't kill them. And yes, they do use this in weaving - I've tried it once, but scraping the "mean" off the fibers with a seashell was very hard work. Some people do weave beautiful baskets and other ornaments, though.

    Denton, why, thank you! You even took the trouble to enlarge it? I'm honored.

  7. The soft clouds as background against the dipping flowers makes a great shot. Very nice and Happy Monday to you.

  8. Wow... that's beautiful and wild! i can't imagine the size of a bee.. i cant't see her in the other pic either..
    Greetings from the other side of the world! :)

  9. pardon my ignorance, but is this where they get flaxseed and flaxseed oil?

    i take flax seed oil every other day, but i only recognise them in capsules. *blushing*

  10. Photowannabe, thank you for the compliments.

    Dsole, the bee itself was quite big, but it's kind of hidden in the flower.

    Keropok Man, Flaxseed oil is produced in NZ, but the common New Zealand flax you see here is unrelated... according to an online encyclopedia. Well, blow me away; I didn't now. I love the smell of the capsules - say, you must have beautiful skin and hair, we watched a documentary of the couple that produces the oil in NZ last week, and she definitely recommends it, if nothing else, for great skin and hair.

  11. it's so high!... i'd like to see the flowers ^^
    nice shot meg

  12. I never seen a flax plant/flower before. I've seen flax seeds at health food stores. Cool picture.

  13. Hi Meg, It looks like summertime indeed.

    I noticed in your profile that you like Billie Holiday. I grew up listening obsessively to her records and her voice and phrasing are now an inherent part of my inner life. Did she have that same effect on you?

  14. Thanks for your visits, people.

    Guice, you know those super long stilts some people wear at festivals and street parties and such? I'll hire those for you when you come and visit.

    Ming the Merciless, welcome to Nelson. I guess the seeds from these flowers are... birdseeds... get it?

    Annie, I must admit I came to Billie Holiday kind of late in my life, at least consciously, because I "knew" the voice all my life. But I as astonished when we started to collect her CDs - I didn't really like her voice before it was ruined as it sounded devoid of the depth of life she's lived.

    As regards inherent part of my inner life, I must say it was all subliminal Andy Williams. I got a CD of his for the first time in my life only about five years ago, and I could not believe the adrenaline rush - it was definitely my Madeleine cake.

  15. Hi, Meg, you & Ben have a wonderful pictures of your beautiful land. Cheers!

  16. Love it. The sky. The details in the plants. Great contrast.

  17. Thanks for your visits. Yeah, the sky is pretty awesome here.


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